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Street Surfing: A Quick Overview to Basic Carving

Street Surfing: A Quick Overview to Basic Carving

Published by The Longboard Store | Jake Daniels on 14th Oct 2022

You can do many exciting things on a longboard, but carving is one of the most rewarding. This technique is for all avid surfers and snowboarders who want to use their skills when they aren’t in their element. A quick overview of basic carving helps you master the art of street surfing.

What Is Carving?

In simplest terms, carving on a longboard entails continuously going left and right, making imaginary “S” patterns on the pavement. Longboarders use the carving technique to regulate their speed, but what surprises people and sets it apart is you can regulate your pace in two distinct ways while carving.

This technique may assist longboarders in regulating their tempo on level, smooth terrain or going uphill. They sustain their pace and may even boost it at any time. Additionally, carving is helpful for downhill riders to slow down when needed. 

When you take sharp and quick turns, centripetal force provides momentum. Controlling your momentum and speed is critical for staying safe while carving. Make broad caves to minimize the possibility of traveling at excessive speeds that could be dangerous.

Benefits From Carving

Carving on a longboard allows the rider to groove over any slope or slanted surface effortlessly. As they go downhill, the rider may move in a zig-zag pattern, allowing them to master speed and direction. Other longboarding methods or styles are not as effective as carving.

Moreover, carving is as fun as it gets on a longboard. Being able to bomb hills and visit new places makes longboarding an exhilarating activity. Learning to carve effectively is the only way to take things to the next level.

How To Get the Best Board for Carving

To carve effectively, you must have a longboard conducive to the movement, so let’s walk through the best setup. Although a standard cruising longboard is nice to coast through the streets, it isn’t easy to carve on one. You’ll want something that can slide and turn in a predictable manner. A longer wheelbase of 25” provides stability while taking those turns. When you’re approaching high speeds going downhill, you want to be as stable as possible.

You may have to purchase new trucks or, at the very least, adjust them to help your longboard turn smoothly. Use soft and large wheels; larger wheels are helpful once you adjust your bearings because you may have more clearance.

This quick overview of basic carving should help your street surfing excursions. The Longboard Store provides the sweetest and most effective carving longboards out there to give you a perfect ride. The Longboard Stores carries various longboards for other styles, so find out what method suits you from our quiz for the best experience.