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The 4 Styles of Longboarding: Understanding the Differences

The 4 Styles of Longboarding: Understanding the Differences

Published by The Longboard Store | Jake Daniels on 27th Jan 2023

Finding an activity where you can spend most of your time developing new skills and tricks could help you apply those skills outside of that activity. These skills include discipline, tenacity, and consistency because most activities would not develop properly without these.

Longboarding is an activity that requires time and experience to master, and you can enjoy different benefits depending on your lifestyle and goals. There are four styles of longboarding, and understanding the differences will let you develop your style and have more fun.

Downhill Longboarding

For people who like adrenaline, speed, and adventure, downhill longboarding has those three characteristics plus fun. Riding your longboard while going at full speed down a hill requires skills like body awareness, strength, and quick reaction to avoid any problem.

Practice and experience are important, and starting small to eventually ride faster and longer is essential to master this activity and have positive results.

Road Carving

This technique requires you to focus mainly on your weight and learn to shift it from one side to the other with a constant balance. Longboards for carving have unique characteristics that allow you to distribute your weight better and control your ride.

A pleasure ride or commute is more exciting when you can rely completely on your skills and balance while enjoying the outdoor environment.


Expressing yourself and enjoying what you do is easier to achieve when you freestyle on your board and perform various tricks. Unlike riding down a hill or commuting from one place to another, you can freestyle on a flat surface to perform jumps, kicks, and flips, making your style more unique.

Freestyling does not have a manual or a limitation on what you can perform; once you master using your longboard, you can let your imagination and skills fly free.

Downhill Freeriding

This style consists of riding your longboard downhill but incorporating tricks and freestyling skills to make it more exciting. The differences between the four longboarding styles are clear, but they all have a close relationship to help make you a better rider.

For every style, you must always wear protective wear, no matter your level of expertise. This will help prevent accidents and allow you to ride safely and confidently.