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The Health and Fitness Benefits of Longboarding

The Health and Fitness Benefits of Longboarding

Published by The Longboard Store | Jake Daniels on 25th Jul 2022

Who says a workout can’t be fun? Rather than using a treadmill for the hundredth day in a row, you can opt for an alternate form of physical activity to get your heart pumping, like longboarding. The health and fitness benefits of longboarding are evident, so grab your board and go!

A Healthier Heart

Any physical activity that boosts your cardiovascular health has noticeable and underlying positive effects on your body. Regarding the noticeable improvements, longboarding is an entertaining way to burn calories and drop some pounds. You can shed upward of 300 calories after an hour of casual longboarding, and incorporating a well-balanced diet can help you reduce excess weight.

For underlying benefits, all parts of your cardiovascular system improve from being on the move. Your heart and lungs become strong, causing your stamina to improve.

Strengthens Muscles

Considering you are activating several muscles to perform on a longboard, it’s not surprising that it helps define and build your muscles. You’ll never have to worry about skipping leg days when you are boarding because your legs are the most active portion of your body.

With all the pushing, turning, kicking, and braking involved in longboarding, your leg strength is vital for doing these things effectively. Along with building your leg strength, longboarding does wonders for your core and bolstering your abs.

Improves Balance and Flexibility

Doing an activity that enhances your heart health and builds stronger muscles doesn’t do much good if you don’t have the balance and flexibility to do it. Balance on your board is integral for getting the most out of your experience, or your core workout entails picking yourself up off the ground. The more you board, the more you notice how your balance is improving, allowing you to do other activities that you couldn’t do before.

Flexibility is important in everyday life because it prevents strains and tears. Additionally, your flexibility can come into play if you take a tumble, figuring that your body’s natural instincts will kick in to help cushion the fall.

Clears the Mind

If your mind is running at a thousand miles per hour from the stressors of the daily struggle, it can be difficult for you to turn it off and get quality sleep. A relaxing cruise with one of the prism longboards allows you to clear your mind and find serenity.

One more component of a better mental outlook is that longboarding requires you to think of your feet. A rider must ascertain their surroundings and think critically when on the road. If you’re absentminded, it could lead to a severe accident involving you or another person occupying the road or sidewalk. Quickly thinking and reacting can help you in other avenues of your life.

Going to the gym can be a chore, so learning the health and fitness benefits of longboarding helps you realize that a workout doesn’t have to be a laborious task. The Longboard Store offers the most distinctive longboards available today. Regardless of your expertise, we have a board that suits your needs!