Top 4 Downhill Longboarding Spots in the US

Top 4 Downhill Longboarding Spots in the US

Published by The Longboard Store on 13th Dec 2021

Longboarding enthusiasts enjoy getting out on the open road, where the risk of traffic is low, and the scenery is amazing. Here are our top four downhill longboarding spots in the US.

We left out some of the more exotic places that advanced longboarders choose to brave because we don’t have a death wish, and we assume you don’t either. So before you visit any of these places, make sure you’ve got your helmet, gloves, and other protective gear ready to go. Be smart and choose runs that suit your ability level.

Green Lake Park, Seattle, Washington

This park features a nearly 3-mile trail with some more gentle slopes that help beginners get a feel for going downhill. The trail circles the lake, providing nice water views and fresh breezes.

Beartooth Pass, Montana/Wyoming

Highway 212 snakes around Montana and Wyoming, between Red Lodge and Cooke City, dipping into Wyoming for a long stretch of stunning scenery and winding downhill stretches. If you’re sensitive to altitude, be aware that the road sits at over 10,000 feet.

For obvious reasons, Beartooth Pass is closed in the winter. It’s on everyone’s list of the most scenic, beautiful drives in America, so there will be tourist traffic in the summer, with plenty of folks headed for Yellowstone.

Soos Creek Trail, Seattle/Tacoma, Washington

With slopes ranging from gentle to thrilling, this nearly 12-mile out-and-back trail runs through forests, wetlands, and flowery meadows. Starting near Lake Meridian at the southern end, the trail closely follows the path of the creek and ends at 192nd street, across from the Meeker Middle School.

Spearfish Canyon, South Dakota

Highway 14A between Savoy and Spearfish, South Dakota, runs past waterfalls, including the famed Bridal Veil Falls. The rushing waters of Spearfish Creek, tall cliffs, and stunning fall colors make this a route that shouldn’t be missed. Beware of tourists stopping at many scenic pullovers to take pictures; or better yet, take a break and join them for a few snaps of your own.

There are far more rides to explore than these top four downhill longboarding spots in the US, and asphalt surfers will have strong opinions about which are the best. Check out downhill longboards for sale, and join a longboarding club or group in your area to meet like-minded riders, and share your favorite downhill runs.