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Top 5 Longboard-Friendly Cities to Cruise in America

Top 5 Longboard-Friendly Cities to Cruise in America

Published by The Longboard Store | Jake Daniels on 15th Feb 2022

Like food, we tend to enjoy a variety of options in most of the things we do. Repeating the same thing over and over can grow tiresome. This can be true for longboarding destinations. Here are the top five longboard-friendly cities to cruise in America.

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is one of the top places for longboard-friendly cities. After all, LA is a part of the origin story of longboarding, considering surfers needed a way to hone their skills on land and invented "sidewalk surfing." 

The new trend then gained popularity throughout the area and neighboring states. Due to its history, LA is a must-visit for any longboarder.

Other than history, Los Angeles is a premier location because of its city streets, beautiful landscape, and ideal weather. You hardly ever need to worry about a time and place where you can't grab your board and go cruising.

San Francisco, California

San Francisco is another great city in terms of its friendliness for longboarders.

The Golden City's weather is fickler than LA’s, but the cool breeze can also feel better than the scorching sun. The steep roads offer a challenge and provide a breathtaking view as you cruise around the city.

Portland, Oregon

It’s time to head north a bit and enjoy the sights and sounds of the Pacific Northwest. Your first stop should be none other than Portland, Oregon. The City of Roses has several accommodating trails to explore, with some having viewpoints that will leave you gasping from their beauty.

Tacoma, Washington

You can broaden your horizons a bit and go to Tacoma for longboarding as well. Point Defiance Park is the perfect landing spot for any longboarder who wants a challenge. You can enjoy the forest sights of this 5-mile-long trail and challenge yourself with some of the steep inclines on it.

Kansas City, Missouri

The last city on this list is a curveball, seeing as it's in the middle of America. Kansas City is home to the Indian Creek Trail, which is 17 miles long. Coasting through the heartland of America can be a soothing experience for any novice, considering the trail is mostly flat. Plus, you don't usually have to worry about the crowd of people you might have to dodge on the streets of a busier city. And for those who still want a thrill, there are few slopes to get your heart pounding.

Any of the top five longboard-friendly cities to cruise in America are excellent choices to visit. Feel free to browse The Longboard Store for cruiser longboards for sale to take to one of these prime destinations. Stay safe out there and enjoy the ride!