What to look for: Downhill vs. Freeride Sliding

Published by The Longboard Store | Grace Seelye on 18th Apr 2016

Downhill longboarding has become unquestionably desirable, and the search for longboards that can reach higher speeds has been covetable.

What to look for: 

-Longer longboard
-Deep concave
-Top Mount *optional*
-Hard Bushing
-Large Wheels

More downhill options here.

4 time World Series Champion, the Landyachtz 39" Evo.

The Moonshine 38" Hooch Green.

The Madrid 37" Gentleman Halberd.

The Landyachtz 40" Switchblade.

Though downhill and freeride do come hand-in-hand; for those who would like a downhill / freeride longboard, you will need to consider these other features for the best slides.

-Harder wheels (78a and higher)
-Smaller wheel (65mm and smaller)
-Shorter longboard
-Hard Bushings

More freeride options here.

The Moonshine 32" Spark.

The Loaded 37" Overland.

The GoldCoast 38" Drop Through Zebra.

The DB 36" Lunch Tray.

Nevertheless, you can make any longboard/skateboard slide, but a shorter board will be able to slide easier, harder wheels will stick to the concrete less.