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Stocking Stuffers 2015: Holiday Gift Guide

Posted by Heather Peterson, The WordSmith | Grace Seelye, Photo on

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To make holiday shopping easier for you this season, we've made a list of simple stocking stuffers for the skater in your life. 

We love the feeling of fresh bearings. They're fast, smooth, and should to be replaced once a year. 

Bone Bearing Tune Up Kit:
This tune up kit has bearing cleaner, bearing lube, grip tape cleaner, bearing tool, and a skate tool to elongate our gear's life span. It's reusable, easy to use, and comes with everything we need.

These risers are designed to brighten paths and make us more viable to drives. They're made with LED lights and are 100% waterproof.

Skate Tool:
These all-in-one skate tools have everything we need to tune up and tighten hardware.

We love stickers to customize our decks and rep our favorite brands.

Bushings get blown out as they get old and used. Cover all the bases with a Khiro Standard Bushing Kit.

Toe Stops:
When we go fast, we need a toe stop to keep our feet secure. A RipTide Toe Stop fits any deck, comes with hardware, and is a no brainer to assemble.

Deck Display:
The Sk8ology Deck Display is a great way to get our boards off the floor and show the graphic. It helps keep our rooms stay a bit more tidy too.

Need more ideas? Email us at questions@thelongboardstore.com, call us at 541-306-6829, or chat via IM with us! 

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