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Never Summer

Never Summer is a snowboard and longboard company founded by brothers Tracey and Tim Canaday in 1991. Named after the mountain range they camped at as kids, Never Summer focus less on promotion and more on quality, craftsmanship, and customer service. They released their first line up of 10 longboard decks in 2007. Made of maple, fiberglass, and carbon fiber, these decks are manufactured in Denver, Colorado to precise tolerances. With a heavy snowboarding influence, Never Summer inlays UHMW P-tex to the tip and tail of the deck to protect it from damage. To dampen the vibrations, Elastomeric foil is set under the truck mounts. They are the first company to offer a 3 year warranty on their decks. Never summer runs a military charity board program, Brothers in Arms, that offers limited edition boards and military discounts. Net proceeds are donated to Operation First Response and the Armed Forces Foundation.