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The Best College Skateboards

The Best College Skateboards

Published by The Longboard Store | Jake Daniels on 3rd Aug 2022

For many college students, transportation is a challenge because of car and parking difficulties. Riding a skateboard around your college campus is a great alternative. Over the past decade, we have seen a huge surge in skateboards on college campuses. We’ll break down the best college skateboards here:

Sector 9 Unagi Rips

Sector 9 Unagi Rips 34.5" Longboard Complete

This Sector 9 Kicktail is one of the best college skateboards because it has easy mobility and is a great cruiser skateboard. This 34.5” longboard is fast, but stable and has a classic Sector 9 Ocean design.

Arbor Axis 37” Flagship

Arbor Axis  37" Flagship Drop Through Longboard Complete

Arguably Arbor’s most popular board, the Axis Flagship is an all around excellent longboard. This drop through longboard is great for cruising, carving, commuting, and more. If your school has hills or flats, this skateboard will do the trick. The classic wooden design of the Arbor Axis 37” Flagship makes it stand out like no other. The Flagship is among the best skateboards for college.

Madrid Trance Ethereal

Madrid Trance 40" Ethereal Top Mount Longboard

This top mount longboard is designed for high performance cruising. This Madrid Longboard is perfect for riding to and from class and around campus. The Trance Ethereal is one of the best skateboards for school.

There are tons of great skateboards for college students. We highly recommend a longboard because the primary function is commuting. You can also check out the rest of our longboard skateboards! If you have other questions, email us at [email protected]