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Prism Revel Liam Ashurst Series 39" Drop Through Complete (New)

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The 39” Prism Revel Liam Ashurst Series drop through longboard complete is a versatile carver ideally suited for downhill riding or cruising your favorite neighborhoods. Constructed with 7 ply Hardrock Canadian Maple, the deck is strong with just a small amount of flex. The drop through design lowers the center of gravity creating stability and push efficiency and the mellow concave adds foot control when initiating slides. The Caliber trucks produce a super smooth ride with exceptional edge control. The distinctive artwork is the product of renowned UK artist Liam Ashurst.   Liam's work takes inspiration from the outdoors and natural world to make bold and pointed imagery that is both rustic and modern.  The Revel is the perfect choice for any skater looking for an exceptional downhill carver which is equally capable to freestyle or gliding through your favorite hood.

Prism 39" Revel Liam Ashurst Series Longboard Complete comes fully assembled with certified original Prism components including Caliber 10" 50 degree 180mm Trucks, Prism 69mm 78a Wheels, Blood Orange Bearings, and Hardware.

Function: Freeride, Carve, Cruise 
Material: 7 Plies of Maple
Features: Wheel Cutouts, Drop Through, Elliptical Concave, Symmetrical 
Length: 39"
Width: 9.375"
Wheelbase: 29.5"
Thickness: 0.5"
Concave: 0.25"
Camber: 0.5"
Hole Pattern: New School
Grip: Clear with Prism Logo

Completes: The Longboard Store orders all Longboard completes with the manufacturer's recommended high-end components.  This ensures all Longboards perform as intended by the manufacturer and that each component complements the performance and geometry of each shaped Longboard. Manufacturers reserve the right to substitute components on their Longboard Completes without notice which may alter the descriptions above. 

Warranty: Selecting Longboard completes with certified manufacturer's components preserves your manufacturer's warranties and ensures your Longboard performs to the highest level of performance and durability.

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