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Landyachtz Dinghy Birds 29" Longboard Complete


The Landyachtz Dinghy Birds is the result of Landyachtz's 20 year quest to produce the perfect mini cruiser.  Designed around a short wheel base, the Dinghy Birds has a nimble turning radius ideal for dips, dodging and weaving around neighborhood obstacles.  The deck is constructed with 7 plies of Canadian Maple creating a strong platform with light flex and the sanded wheel wells ensure you can carve with confidence without the risk of wheelbite.  A mellow concave helps lock in your feet and adds leverage when shredding the streets while the functional kicktail provides easy lift to perform your favorite tricks.  The Dinghy Birds is designed to achieve the perfect balance of stability and flow.  This little cruiser is perfect for commuting around campus, neighborhoods and beach communities.  The Dinghy Birds will excite the beginner to advance skater and is perfect for all skill levels.

The Dinghy Birds comes fully assembled with certified original Landyachtz components including Bear Trucks, Fatty Hawgs  63mm 78a Wheels, Spaceball Bearings, .25" Risers, and Black Hardware.

Function: Cruise
Material: 7 Plies of Canadian Maple 
Features: Kicktail, Raidal Concave, Wheel Wells, Top Mount, Directional  
Length: 28.5"

Width: 8"
Wheelbase: 15"
Thickness: 0.375"
Concave: 0.375"
Hole Pattern: New School
Grip: Clear

Completes: The Longboard Store orders all Longboard completes with the manufacturer's recommended high-end components.  This ensures all Longboards perform as intended by the manufacturer and that each component complements the performance and geometry of each shaped Longboard. Manufacturers reserve the right to substitute components on their Longboard Completes without notice which may alter the descriptions above.

Warranty: Selecting Longboard completes with certified manufacturer's components preserves your manufacturer's warranties and ensures your Longboard performs to the highest level of performance and durability.  


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