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The Best Cruiser Longboards

The Best Cruiser Longboards

Published by The Longboard Store | Jake Daniels on 15th Sep 2022

Cruiser longboards are among the most versatile boards available. They combine the stable and fast aspects of a traditional longboard with the street and trick ability of most skateboards. You can read more about this in our in-depth analysis of Longboards vs. Cruisers. A cruiser longboard is perfect for someone looking to do it all. This longboard style is loved by experienced riders, but it is also well-suited for beginners. Here is everything to know about the best cruiser longboards.

The best longboards for cruising have great stability. Strong stability allows for easier carving and faster cruising. One cruiser longboard that excels in this category is the Arbor Axis 37” Flagship.

Arbor Axis  37" Flagship Drop Through Longboard Complete

This Arbor Longboard is a well-rounded Canadian Maple Drop Through. This longboard is ideal for cruising because of its low risk of wheelbite, great stability, and great maneuverability.

The Sector 9 Meridian Rips is another great cruiser longboard. This drop through longboard is a high quality cruiser made for all styles of riding.

Sector 9 Meridian Rips 40" Longboard Complete

Last but not least is the Madrid Spade Tidal. This is one of the best longboards for cruising because of its ability to go extremely fast. This is a very fun longboard.

Madrid Spade 39" Tidal Drop Through (NEW 2022) Longboard Complete

The best longboard wheels for cruising are Blood Orange Morgan Pro Series. These wheels are for maximum performance cruising and longboarding. You can’t go wrong with these. As for bearings, we recommend the ABEC7s longboard bearings. Make sure to check out all the best cruiser longboards! If you have any additional questions about cruiser longboard, email us at [email protected]